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THE DRESS – Why Is Everyone Jumping On The Bandwagon

So unless you’ve been hiding under a garbage can (with no wi-fi) you would have been overexposed to #thedress
The article that started it all can be found here
Now I’m not going to debate the colors – I couldn’t care less!
However what interests me is the companies that are taking advantage of the trending hashtag #TheDress

Get Free Traffic to Your Page With

I am always on the lookout for new Internet Marketing tools. And when they come in the form of FREE then well I’m all over it like a donkey on a waffle (buggered if I know what that means).
I had heard about before and didnt really know what it was & just figured it was another added expense I didn’t really need.
But after checking it out I had to get my grubby hands on it!

5 Great Ways to Have a FIFO Exit Strategy

Every FIFO worker I know, myself included, loves the paycheck but would love the same paycheck and not have to work remote.
So I’ve gathered up 5 ways of making additional income as a FIFO worker that can be done completely around our tough work schedule. Who knows, you may love the way so much you end up doing it full time and end up doing it as your full-time gig.

Finally an Unbiased Beyond Freedom Evolution Review

An independent review of Beyond Freedom Evolution 12 month success course

What You Actually Need For Internet Marketing

Go on….Share this post….do it!You know what I hate…. The people that find out I have an online business then Continue Reading

Do You Pay It Forward?

Its amazing the power of paying it forward.

Its something I just do these days and don’t really think much of it.

This morning really hit home how quickly paying it forward can come back and reward you.

Guaranteed Way to Make Money in a Gold Rush

Its no secret that during the times of the great gold rushes all over the world that at the end of the day not that many people actually made much money from gold prospecting.
Even today, seeing the show Gold Rush on Discovery Channel, they follow a few people that go in search of the big money hoping they are on good dirt.

The $4.8Million Interview – Weird Entrepreneurs Interview with David Wood

Go on….Share this post….do it!This podcast gave me chills! My mentor Justin Verrengia aka the Hippie Jedi recently launched “Weird Continue Reading

The Secret to Completing a Task

Go on….Share this post….do it!I felt like making the title of this post “The secret to getting shit done” – however I Continue Reading