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The $4.8Million Interview – Weird Entrepreneurs Interview with David Wood

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The Secret to Completing a Task

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Who Else Wants FREE Stock Images?

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Success Lesson I Learned From Making Biodiesel

People are a funny bunch!
Its amazing that the people that laugh at you when you try something out of the box end up being your best supporters.

Get a 3D Ebook Cover on the Fly

Do you want an Ebook Cover – but don’t want to wait ages for someone on Fiverr to make it not knowing what the result will be?

Well that was me today.

Getting the most out of your YouTube embedded Video’s

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Australias New Unofficial National Anthem – STRAYA

Can I get an Aussie Aussie Aussie… Oi Oi Oi

I just love this time of year with so much Aussie Pride.

This is running round the net & coming up to Australia Day I was compelled to share it.

4 Ways to Save Heaps of Money on Software

I just love free shit.
Call me a tight ass or whatever I don’t care – If someone gives me something legally and its good I will take it.
I discovered Open Source software many years ago & I bloody love it!
I’m not talking about freeware or stuff packed with ads – I’m talking about super kick ass software that rivals the big dogs – its either free or not much at all.
Believe it or not there is a great FREE alternative to Windows & Mac.
There are FREE alternatives to Microsoft Office
There are FREE alternatives to Adobe Photoshop
And so so so much more
This has literally saved me thousands of dollars over the years & the products are just as good at the one’s you pay ridiculous amounts of money for.
Here are a couple of AWESOME programs I suggest you seriously consider.

How You Ever Gonna Know?

Share this post and help spread the love!This guy is just bloody awesome. From the first time I heard “Friends Continue Reading