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23 Reasons Your Business Should Have A Blog

Bill Gates famously said “If your business is not on the Internet, then your business will be out of business”.
Many small businesses have some form of web presence, be it a basic website or a Facebook page, which is great, However many businesses are missing the boat on not having a blog.
Here are 23 reasons why these businesses are missing out.

How to use Tags with your RSS feed for your Blog Subscribers

Getting your subscribers notified of your blog posts is a great way to get eyes back onto your blog.
Many bloggers already have their RSS feed set up in their email management system so people are notified straight away.
Well how about being able to send only specific blog posts? Or how about having the ability to send older ones or delaying sending it for whatever reason?

Gary Vee Once Again Giving Great Advice on Social Media Marketing

Would you like to know the better way to use social media?

Gary Vaynerchuk aka Gary Vee once again shoots straight from the hip in his awesome #askgaryvee segment on YouTube.

How do you get focused?

As I was walking along the beach this morning, clearing my head, getting focused for a big day of marketing, I got to thinking what other people do to clear their head & get focused?

The $150Million “Come Up” – David Sharpe is Back!

“As an Entrepreneur you are going to be one of two things, and that’s either TEMPORARY or LEGENDARY and you’ve got to make a decision if you’re gonna be in it for the short game or the long game” Dave Sharpe is BACK! Listen to this killer Podcast with Justin Verrengia

8 Secrets to Success – Great 3 minute TED Talk by Richard St. John

Richard St. John breaking down his 8 steps to success in 3 captivating minutes that might inspire you just a bit.

How to Whitelist an Email

I bloody hate it when I add my email address to something I want to get updates on & I don’t end up seeing it in my inbox, it gets sent to spam or maybe my promotions tab, when I really want these updates in my primary inbox.
What I have found is that I need to Whitelist an email address for me to ensure that I get the email everytime.

THE DRESS – Why Is Everyone Jumping On The Bandwagon

So unless you’ve been hiding under a garbage can (with no wi-fi) you would have been overexposed to #thedress
The article that started it all can be found here
Now I’m not going to debate the colors – I couldn’t care less!
However what interests me is the companies that are taking advantage of the trending hashtag #TheDress

Get Free Traffic to Your Page With

I am always on the lookout for new Internet Marketing tools. And when they come in the form of FREE then well I’m all over it like a donkey on a waffle (buggered if I know what that means).
I had heard about before and didnt really know what it was & just figured it was another added expense I didn’t really need.
But after checking it out I had to get my grubby hands on it!